Welcome to Raysect, an OOP ray-tracing framework for Python. Raysect has been built with scientific ray-tracing in mind. Some of its features include:

  • Fully spectral, high precision. Supports scientific ray-tracing of spectra from physical light sources such as plasmas.

  • All core loops are written in cython for speed.

  • Easily extensible, written with user customisation of materials and emissive sources in mind.

  • Different observer types supported such as Pinhole cameras and optical fibres.


The Raysect Development Team:

  • Dr Alex Meakins

  • Dr Matthew Carr

Quick Installation

The easiest way to install Raysect is using pip:

pip install raysect

For more detailed installation instructions see Downloading and Installation.

Need Help?

Please post a question on the github issue queue.

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