9. ConventionsΒΆ

In raysect the following conventions apply:

  • the coordinate system is right-handed
    • the x-axis (-ve, +ve) maps to (right, left)

    • the y-axis (-ve, +ve) maps to (down, up)

    • the z-axis (-ve, +ve) maps to (back, forward)

  • object orientation in local space (for general consistency)
    • objects with a clear up and forward direction must be aligned such that their forward direction is along the +ve z-axis and their up direction is aligned to point along the +ve y direction

    • where objects have an obvious axis of rotational symmetry (e.g. a cylinder or cone) that axis should be aligned with the Z-axis

    • where objects have an obvious plane of symmetry, that plane should be aligned with the y-z plane

In raysect.optical:

  • dimensions are in meters

  • angles are in degrees

  • solid angles are in steradians

  • wavelength is in nanometers

  • power is in Watts

  • spectral radiance is in W/m^2/str/nm